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Board Members, Staff, and Volunteers

The Story

Our board members, staff, and volunteers work throughout the year to serve clients in need of food assistance throughout Hood River County and Mosier.  We'd like to share their stories - and hope you'll consider joining us as a volunteer.   If you're curious, learn more about the FISH history in the county's communities.


Our Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Billie Stevens

Volunteer Coordinator

Billie is our volunteer coordinator.  She has worked with FISH for over 10 years, and helps make sure volunteers are trained and available throughout the year. She works with all the volunteers, including groups that come in from schools or businesses to help out.  Billie helped implement the Link2Feed software at FISH, and she writes the monthly newsletter.


Board Members


Becky Bugge

Becky moved with her husband and two daughters to Hood River  32 years ago.   She's been a volunteer at FISH Food Bank since November 2004 when  Marianne Durkan asked her to take over the treasurer responsibilities.  Becky says, "Since I had recently retired from Sprint, this seemed like a good fit for me.  While working and raising a family, it was hard to find time to volunteer, so this presented an opportunity for me to make a difference in our community.  I jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back." Becky continues to serve as Board Treasurer.


Hear from our volunteers about their experiences with FISH


Tracey began volunteering at FISH in the summer of 2018. She served as a board member from 2019 through March 2022, when she stepped down from the board. She continues to handle the FISH website and social media, and works in the FISH warehouse on Fridays.

In addition to volunteering at FISH, Tracey is a board member with the Hood River County Christmas Project and Protect Our Parks Hood River.  She is also a board member for the non-profit environmental news magazine Columbia Insight. 

Tracey Tomashpol

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