Board Members, Staff, and Volunteers

The Story

Our board members, staff, and volunteers work throughout the year to serve clients in need of food assistance throughout Hood River County and Mosier.  We'd like to share their stories - and hope you'll consider joining us as a volunteer.   If you're curious, learn more about the FISH history in the county's communities.


Billie Stevens

Billie is our volunteer coordinator.  She has worked with FISH for over 10 years, and helps make sure volunteers are trained and available throughout the year. She divides her time among the 4 FISH sites, and during the Covid-19 crisis is often found at FISH, making sure we are operating safely.  Billie has recently been involved in implementing the new Link2Feed software at FISH, and she writes the monthly newsletter. 


Marianne Brevard

Marianne Brevard took over the position of Operations Director in September 2020 after having served on the Board since 2016. As Operations Director she coordinates many facets of FISH to ensure that we have food on the shelves for clients, receive deliveries, handle operations safely, and more.  It's a big job and we're grateful for Marianne's energy.

Marianne has lived in Hood River Since 2003. She takes a particular interest in child nutrition and served as co-chair of the Summer Lunch for Kids program for 2 years. Marianne has been active in the community serving as Co-Chair of the Waterfront Community Park Association, Vice President of Westside Elementary PTO, and enjoys volunteering with outdoor environmental organizations.

She enjoys traveling, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, gardening and reading. She is married with one daughter. 


Board Members


Marianne Durkan

 Marianne and her family have lived in Hood River for 33 years. In 2018 she retired after 28 years at  Providence Memorial Hospital, where she was the RN Manager for Home Health/Hospice. Marianne became involved in FISH food Bank in the late 1990s when she served as the liaison for Gorge Ecumenical Ministries. FISH was a Ministry of GEM. She has served as chair of the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years. 

Leslie  Hidle

Leslie was born and raised in Hood River and left for 10 years.  She worked for United Airlines in New York and Los Angeles for 8 years and then returned home to work in her family’s oil distribution business.

After her return, she worked occasionally with Sylvia and Irene Best in the house on Pine Street that FISH Food Bank used.  In 2000 she began helping weekly when Marianne Durkan asked her to help fill client food bags. In 2012 Leslie joined the FISH board, and has served as the board secretary since 2017.

Leslie's retirement has included "spending more time at FISH and serving as Secretary/Treasurer for the
Hood River County Christmas Project which is in its 97th year in our valley."


Gail Lyon

Gail was a teacher and principal in Hood River for 35 years. “As a principal I became more aware of the food insecurity needs of some members of our community. I became active in FISH through Riverside Community church by helping distribute food during our turn in the volunteer rotation.”

Gail became more active as part of the new building committee fund-raising campaign and about that time joined the FISH board as Vice-President.  “I am extremely proud to be a part of FISH and all the great work it does.”

Becky Bugge

Becky moved with her husband and two daughters to Hood River  32 years ago.   She's been a volunteer at FISH Food Bank since November 2004 when  Marianne Durkan asked her to take over the treasurer responsibilities.  Becky says, "Since I had recently retired from Sprint, this seemed like a good fit for me.  While working and raising a family, it was hard to find time to volunteer, so this presented an opportunity for me to make a difference in our community.  I jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back." Becky continues to serve as Board Treasurer.


Diana Carroll

Diana and her husband Art moved to Hood River in 1991. Art worked for the US Forest Service and Diana took a teaching job at Bonneville School.  Bonneville School closed after a flood, and the students and staff moved to Corbet Elementary.  Diana continued to teach at Corbet Elementary until she retired in 2001.

Diana began working with the food bank off and on and became a board member in 2006.  "My husband and I both volunteer at the Food Bank and enjoy meeting and serving clients.  We are both members of the Odell Lions Club, St. Mary's Church and other organizations.

Katie Haynie

Katie grew up here in Hood River and is a mother to three school-age kids.  She became concerned with local food insecurity upon seeing how many school-age kids depend on food the district provides during the weekly breakfasts and lunch at local schools.

In 2016, she reached out to Becky Bugge asking if FISH was involved in any summer lunch programs. FISH sponsored its first summer lunch program that summer. Ensuring food gets to the most vulnerable is what drives her focus at FISH. 

Along with her outreach and action at FISH, Katie is active in the May Street Elementary PTO and is a board member of Helping Hands Against Violence. 


Jim Kelter

Jim is a longtime resident of Hood River where he and his wife Peggy have worked and raised their daughter. He spent 10 years self-employed in the building trades and 27 years in the brewing industry with Full Sail Brewing Company where he retired as Brewmaster in 2017.

Jim has been a volunteer with FISH since 2012. He joined the board in 2020. In addition to FISH, he has volunteered with the SMART reading program.

Martha LaMont

Martha has been a food bank volunteer for ten years, and has spent the past 7 working closely with the FISH food bank in Cascade Locks.  She has been a board member since 2012.  Her experiences living in Hood River County since 2009 have given her a lot of insight into the community she serves.

Along with her activities at FISH, Martha works as a fundraiser for the Cascade Locks Historical Museum.  She’s been a volunteer on the Shahala HOA in Cascade locks since 2011, and volunteered at the Vista House as a greeter for six years.   


Silvia Maciel

Silvia has lived for more than 30 years in Hood River county.  She's been volunteering at FISH since 2012, joined the FISH board in 2018, and works as a nurse at Providence Family Medicine.  

Silvia's inspiration to give back through her volunteer work at FISH comes from her experiences moving here.   "When my family and I first migrated to Hood River from Mexico we benefited from FISH and many other resources. Now that I am in a better position I want give back to the caring community that once helped us in more than one way."  Other organizations that benefit from Silvia's volunteer outreach include the Hood River County Christmas Project, Volunteers in Action, Good Neighbor Saturday, and the Hood River School District.  She appreciates the fact that almost everyone involved at FISH is a volunteer - generous and caring people.

Glenna Mahurin

Glenna moved to Hood River from Rufus in 1982 with her husband Doug and their children Michelle and Mike.   She worked at Hood River High School until her retirement in 1999.

Since retirement, she and her husband planted 4 acres of blueberries on their property, which she says is "... fun if not particularly lucrative!" Glenna also plays golf, enjoys travel with friends and family and twin grandchildren (10) along with a myriad of other activities.  

Glenna has been the coordinator of the Upper Valley Food Bank since its inception in 2007.  She also has served on the board of directors for the Parks and Recreation District for 20 years.  She takes great satisfaction volunteering for these organizations.

“Life is good in the Hood”.

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Katrina McAlexander

Katrina was born and raised in Parkdale Oregon and has been a farmer/fermenter for the past 6 years with her family. She has a huge passion for growing fresh food for everyone in her community. She is a strong believer in nutritious food being good medicine and creating easy access to locally raised produce is critical preventative medicine that everyone in our community needs to be well.  

She works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at the local county jail and has been a nurse/practitioner for the past 22 years. "I love serving and being a part of FISH as a local farmer and medical provider in our community and love feeding my community."

Tracey Tomashpol

Tracey began volunteering at FISH in the summer of 2018 and joined the board in early 2019.  She appreciates the volunteer spirit at the food bank and the chance to help others.

In addition to volunteering at FISH, Tracey helps with the Hood River County Christmas Project and Trailkeepers of Oregon, and advocates for open space and parks through Protect Our Parks Hood River.  She is a board member for the non-profit magazine Columbia Insight, and enjoys hiking, writing, reading and cooking. 


John Estes

John recently retired as a Vice President after 30 years from Union Pacific Railroad.  He joined the FISH board in 2021 after several years working as a volunteer. He has a wide range of practical management experience including operations, budgeting, and  HR.  His education includes an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a BSEE from Rice University.  "I think the role of a board is to ensure that the organization is healthy, fulfilling its mission and prepared for the long haul."

Kristin Marcroft

Kristin joined the board in 2021. Kristin moved to Hood River with her husband and son in 2010 from Salem, Oregon. She left her job as a hairdresser for the move and focused her attention on her family and finding ways to help in the community. During her time here she has enjoyed lending a hand to many wonderful organizations such as Peace Village, Westside Elementary, SMART, Volunteers in Action and FISH.



Hear from our volunteers about their experiences with FISH


Vicki’s story started back in 2009, MLK Day was the first day that she started helping at FISH. At that time Vicki had a broken back and was not sure how her life would go from that point forward.  She learned about MLK Day and was encouraged to reach out and help in her community. So she decided to take control of her life and as they say, the rest is history. 
From that day forward Vicki has been an important volunteer to FISH. Currently, Vicki volunteers as part of the set-up crew in Hood River, helping three days a week. Then she is also the FISH Coordinator for the St. Mark’s Episcopal FISH Team plus she helps as a back-up employee when Lorinda or Billie have to be gone. Vicki donates about 30 hours a week and in 2019 she donated 295 hours of volunteer time.