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We continue to follow the guidance of the Oregon Health Authority in terms of all hygiene and safety practices.  A flyer with additional information on the virus is posted here. You can also see our full page with information on Covid-19.

Is there help for kids who are out of school during the pandemic?

Lunch bags for kids are distributed each Tuesday in August at Mid-Valley Elementary School from 9am to 11am (August 2021).  August 24 and August 31 are the last two food dates before school begins.

How often can I come to FISH?

Our mission is to provide 3 to 5 days of emergency food once per month or about 12 times per year. Clients are welcome to go to any one of the three  sites once a month. During the Covid-19 pandemic we realize that families may need more help.  Please reach out to us if you need assistance - our mission is that no one should be hungry.

Who can come to FISH?

Anyone who lives in Hood River County or Mosier needing food assistance can register at FISH. Your signature is required on a form in which you declare that your household income is at or below $38,280 (per year) OR that you are currently participating in the SNAP (Food Stamp Program), TANF, SSI, or LIEAP.

How do I register myself or my family?

Our friendly volunteers will help you register at your first visit to FISH. You must provide proof you are currently living in Hood River County or Mosier by bringing a power bill, rent receipt, letter from landlord or orchard owner. It must show a physical address (not a PO Box).  Exceptions are made for those with no permanent address.

What if I don't live in Hood River County or Mosier?

If you do not have any permanent address, you may still apply. If you are from the surrounding area, check out other nearby locations in Oregon and Washington.

You may also use the resources at the Oregon Food Bank to find other food assistance sites. They have a "Food Finder" search tool that can be very helpful.

What if I don't drive or can't leave my home?

FISH is able to provide monthly deliveries of food for homebound individuals or families,  Persons may qualify for home delivery with a written referral from a local agency or through a personal interview with FISH volunteers.  Please call Kim Spotts at 541-806-6534 for more information, or send her an email at

What if I need more than the food provided?

Check out other nearby locations in Oregon and Washington

What Other Help is Available?

Talk to a volunteer and explain what you need.  We have food bags we can provide to people without permanent housing, and may be able to refer you to other help as well.

What If I Need Shelter?

We'll provide an update on shelter services for 2021-2022 once we have more info.