Volunteers Welcome!

If you're interested in volunteering with FISH, please send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator (fish_vc@gorge.net). Let her know what days, hours, and possible roles you're most interested in.

Our volunteers are critical to helping the FISH Food Bank serve clients.  There are many opportunities to serve.

How Volunteers Help

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Volunteer Opportunities

FISH Food Bank is a volunteer-based program, with about 550 different volunteers helping each year at the three different FISH Food Bank Sites.

Interested volunteers are asked to complete a FISH Food Bank Volunteer Registration form. Forms are returned to the FISH Volunteer Coordinator and an appropriate job is then identified for the potential volunteer.

Please fill out the form and send it to or drop it off at the Hood River FISH Food Bank, 1130 Tucker Rd, Hood River, OR 97031. 

For additional information about potential jobs, contact the FISH Volunteer Coordinator at 541-386-3474 or fish_vc@gorge.net

Hood River: Warehouse & Store Support & Organization

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am or until done 

Job Description: Work as a team to restock the shelves in the shopping area, sort fruit and vegetables, sort donations, organize food in warehouse area, stock warehouse shelves, break down cardboard, and help with odd jobs to keep food moving through the warehouse. 
Requirements: able to lift about 20lbs and to stand and walk on cement floors.

Hood River: Food Distribution / Client Assistance

Days / Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:00pm - 5:30pm,

Job Description: Some church groups and community organizations need additional volunteer help in the distribution of food to clients. Work as a "personal shopper" as the clients pick their food, help pack bags, remind clients of the amounts of food and help take food to cars. Duty Roster can be found here
Requirements: Enjoy working with people.

Hood River: Daily Food Pick-Up Crew Alternate

Daily Food Pick-Up Crew Alternate: 
Days: Mostly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: Mostly between 8am - 9:30am 

Job Description: Food items donated by grocery stores and other food outlets are picked up by volunteers, some are on regular schedules like Safeway, Rosauers, and Pine Street Bakery, but others are on an on-call basis. 
Requirements: Must have a current drivers license and a car/pickup truck that food would fit into. Also, able to lift about 20-30lbs.

Hood River: Truck Crew

Days: Thursdays (every two weeks)
Time: 7:30am - 8/8:30am 

Job Description: Food from the Oregon Food Bank is received on pallets, which are removed from truck with a fork lift. Working as a team pallets of food need to be broken down, and placed on the shelves, in the refrigerator or freezer.  
Requirements: Able to lift about 20lbs and to stand and walk on cement floors.

Cascade Locks: Home Delivery Boxes

Days: Tuesday before the last Wednesday of each month
Time: Late Morning

Job Description: In Cascade Locks, FISH food boxes are delivered to individuals who are not able to drive to the food bank, or not able to select their food. Once a month boxes are delivered to the homes of these individuals. 
Requirements: Able to lift 20-30lbs and have a car/pick-up truck that can be used for the deliveries.

Cascade Locks: Truck/Crew Setup

3rd Wednesday of each month

Job Description: Once a month the food from the Oregon Food Bank is delivered. Help is needed to unload the food from the truck then help put the food on the shelves 
Requirements: Able to lift about 30lbs.

Cascade Locks:  Food Distribution

Days: 4th Wednesday of each month 
Time: 12:45pm to 3:30/4pm and the Saturday following the 4th Wednesday 10:30am to noon

Help fill boxes with food the clients have requested, monitor food line where clients select food, make sure the food supply is full, and help clients take food to their cars. 
Requirements: Enjoy working with people, able to life 10-20lbs, and stand.

Cascade Locks: Food Transportation

Days: Thursdays 
Time: 7:30am - 10:30am 

Job Description: Travel to the Hood River FISH site to pick up food that comes on the Oregon Food Bank Truck. Return food to Cascade Locks to be unloaded and placed on shelves. 
Requirements: A current driver's license, a vehicle large enough to transport food and the ability to drive to Hood River to pick up food.

Parkdale: Food Transportation

Days: Flexible between Friday and Monday.
Time: The food is available to be transported to Parkdale any time from Friday  until the Monday morning. The schedule is flexible, but the food has to be in Parkdale by noon on Monday. 

Job Description: Food to be distributed at the Parkdale site. It needs to be picked up at the Hood River site and transported to the Parkdale site. Food is then unloaded at the Parkdale site and placed on the shelves or in the refrigerator / freezer.  
Requirements: A current drivers license, a vehicle large enough to transport a fair amount of food. Able to lift at least 30lbs.

Parkdale: Food Distribution

Day: 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday each month
Time: 4pm - 6pm

Job Description: Some church groups and community organizations need additional volunteer help in the distribution of food to clients. Work as a "personal shopper" as the clients pick their food, help pack bags, remind clients of the amounts of food and help take food to cars. 
Requirements: Enjoy working with people. Speaking Spanish would be a benefit, but is not required.

Spirit of Grace Garden Volunteer


Contact  fishgardenvc@gmail.com 

Located just behind the Hood River food bank facility, the garden produces over 2,000 lbs. of fresh veggies each year. Together with the OSU Extension Service, Columbia Gorge Master Gardeners, local school groups and others, we are working to provide food bank clients with equal access to organic produce -- because everyone deserves to eat healthy food! Check out their Facebook page for more info!

Homebound Delivery Boxes


Homebound Delivery Boxes - Kim Spotts kimspotts@embarqmail.com

This group organizes food at the Hood River site and delivers food to people who are unable to leave their homes. Check out their website for more info!

Gorge Gleaning

A community group that gleans fruit and produce from local farms and donates it to food support organizations in the Gorge.

If you have fruit trees or own a farm and are willing to donate fruits or vegetables, please contact Louisa Pavlik at gleaning@gorgegrown.com or register your garden/farm/orchard at http://gorgegleaning.com/farmerreg/. You can also sign up to volunteer as a gleaner on the website.

The Columbia Gorge Gleaning Project, run by Gorge Grown Food Network, began in 2015 at a Ford Family Leadership Training Program in Hood River, OR. Since its inception, this collaborative project has saved thousands of lbs. of fresh produce that would have gone to waste and redirected this food to those suffering from food insecurity. With nearly sixty volunteers and the generosity of local food growers, Gorge Gleaning Project has delivered fresh produce to thirteen Gorge community locations for distribution in 2017.The Columbia Gorge Gleaning Project seeks to connect Gorge residents with one another outdoors and reduce food waste. The project aims to rescue produce in all five counties of the Columbia River Gorge.