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Open for Item Drop-Off Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 7:30am to 11am


Our Most Needed Items:  Cash Donations needed to let us purchase many supplies!  

Cooking oil - olive or vegetable  

Cereal/oatmeal ( low sugar)

Canned soup/stew

Brown Rice 


Canned Fruit

Canned peppers

Granola Bars

Ready to eat Meals

Personal Hygiene Items

Canned Goods

Tomato Sauce   Canned Meats

Soup/Chili            Hominy

El Pato Sauce      Lard

Canned Jalapeños

Dry Goods

Peanut Butter     Jelly/Jam

Cereals               Fideo Pasta

Boxed Meals      Rice-A-Roni

Dried Beans       Brown Rice

Pasta                  Mac 'n Cheese

Olive Oil             Vegetable  Oil

Sugar              Gluten-Free Items

Kids Food

Juice Boxes      Snack Bars
Fruit Snacks     Fruit Roll-Ups
Pudding            Fruit Cups
Ramen Cups    Fruit Squeezes
Cups of Mac 'n Cheese


Body Soap            Wipes

Toothpaste            Toilet Paper

Tooth Brushes       Diapers

Feminine Hygiene Products

Bar Soap


Baby Food

Pet Food

Dry or Canned Dog or Cat Food

(We accept opened bags of dry dog or cat food)

Baked Goods

Mixes - Cornbread, Cake, Bread
Pancake Mix

We Can't Accept Some Things

Please ... none of these for donation!
- Vitamins or Medicines
- Eggs (store OR farm fresh)
- Items in broken bottles or rusted cans
- Alcoholic beverages
- Ice or Gel Packs
- No homemade foods
- No freezer or dairy items
- No opened or used items
- No food containers or bottles

You can get a printable shopping list with items we need right here.  

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