Please - NO GEL Packs or ICE packs!

We like to re-use and recycle too, but we don't have a need for these, and would appreciate it if they're not left in the donations bin.  We just move them to the trash, and we'd rather save our resources to keep getting food and hygiene supplies for those in need.  Thanks for understanding and NOT sending these our way! 

We also have plenty of grocery bags so please recycle those at home! 

Items We CAN Use

As of  Summer 2021, our most needed items include:

Granola Bars or other healthy snacks

Shelf Stable Milk (reasonable size - i.e. not 5 gallon containers)

Oranges or Grapefruit by the case

Pasta - especially elbow noodles or egg noodles (NO spaghetti please - we have plenty)

Canned hominy


Hygiene items: Check with us for needs.  We've got plenty of period products right now and the kind of products we need changes pretty rapidly.  Thanks for your ongoing help!

We accept donations from 7:30am to 11am, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you don't need a tax receipt, you can leave the items in the donation bin.  Thank you!!!

Other Items We Need:

Canned vegetables, fruits, stews & soups

Canned tuna, chicken, salmon

Baking mixes & supplies

Baby Food

Salsas and sauces

Packaged Meals (ex. Hamburger Helper or Mac & Cheese)

Gluten-Free Products and Low-Sugar Products

Cooking oil


Canned Green Chiles
Evaporated Milk

Fideos (pasta): all shapes

Beverages, including shelf-stable milks (soy, almond, regular)

Peanut Butter, nut butters

Crackers, chips, granola bars, snacks

Dried fruit snacks (raisins, apricots, etc)

Packaged nuts (almonds, walnuts)

Juice boxes and individual fruit or jello cups

Ground coffee; tea

Spices (oregano, garlic, dried chiles, cinnamon, cumin)

Non-Food items:  Soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and personal care items (feminine hygiene, wipes, deodorant, toothpaste). Travel size items always welcome

Pet Food for Dogs and Cats:  We accept opened or unopened dry pet food, pet snacks and treats. 

We cannot accept:

Rusty or unlabeled items

Vitamins or supplements

Frozen or refrigerated items from individual donors

Open or used items (except for dry pet food)


Homemade foods


If you're unable to find these items at our local merchants, you can visit to browse our "wish list".